Success Financial: How They Helped My Business Create an Incredible Sales Funnel

One of the biggest challenges most business outlets need help with is conversion. While attracting customers is good, driving them to buy your products is even better.

It would help if you also had patronage as you get engagements, clicks, and views. This is the reason a sales funnel is suitable for your business.

In this interview, one of the clients of Success Financial takes us through the impact of this team’s expertise in improving their sales funnel.

Success Financial Team is an online business coaching and business development service provider. They have carved a niche in helping online entrepreneurs grow and helping traditional business transit into online platforms.

Please walk us through the state of your business before utilizing the services of Success Financial to build your great sales funnel.

Frustrating is the best way to describe it! The data gathered from our daily website showed that we had enough daily engagements to maximize sales.

But it was the case that many of these people only visited, browsed around, and left, while some even got as far as adding our products to their carts without making a purchase. This meant sales were redundant.

Where were you getting it wrong with getting and converting customers?

Our approach then was rough and straightforward. We only provided content and hoped that such would drive and convert customers for us.

Seeing what Success Financial did, we later realized that even though we were on the right side, more was needed. We have not followed up nor given customers reasons to stick with us.

But all those are in the past now. 

What was the approach Success Financial used?

Their team analyzed our entire purchase chain and improved each stage of our sales funnel. Their impact will be best appreciated if we break down how they improved each step of the funnel:

Awareness Stage: This is when the potential customer becomes aware of the product, service, or brand. In this stage, they adjusted our marketing line to attract those our products would interest. 

Interest Stage: This is where a potential customer determines whether you will meet their need. The Success Financial Team recommended the overall improvement of our landing page.

Desire Stage: In this stage, they noted things such as price slash, coupons, information about delivery, etc., that would spur the interest of our potential customers. 

Action Stage: This is the final stage and primarily the most important. For this stage, they recommended simple call-to-action buttons.

How would you say their sale funnels approach improved your business?

Overall, their expertise and professional guidance were able to help us build an incredible sales funnel that saw sales improve beyond our expectations.

Of course, only some of what was advised can be captured within a short conversation. We can merely give a cue on how they were instrumental to our growth.

Our products now reach the right audience, which helps us attain our desired conversion rate.

In applying the approach of Success Financial LLC, did you encounter any setbacks?

Well, we had fast results. All that was required was proper implementation of the recommendations they made.

The only setback we encountered was in the thought process and how to implement them. While trying to build a system that works, the team was able to help us navigate every hurdle along the way.

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