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  • DesignPhoto of Craft X Graft Movie Posters

    Craft X Graft Movie Posters

    Craft x Graft is a design studio based in Australia – in addition to their studio work, founder and designer Pete Majarich is undertaking a design challenge to create a modern and minimal movie poster a day throughout all of 2016. He…

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  • ArtPhoto of 10 Minimalist Posters of Famous Children’s Books

    10 Minimalist Posters of Famous Children’s Books

    This posters series was created by Bookroo to remind the world of the simple joy of children’s books. These posters are a tribute to not only the authors and illustrators who brought us these beloved stories, but also to the…

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  • ArtPhoto of Illustrative Hong Kong Markets Posters

    Illustrative Hong Kong Markets Posters

    Tiffany Wan launched a unique poster series celebrates the street markets of Hong Kong and seeks crowdfund contributions with Kickstarter. The project titled “Hong Kong Markets: a poster series celebrates local culture” is the creation of Hong Kong-based independent designer, Tiffany…

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  • ArtPhoto of Alternative Movie Posters

    Alternative Movie Posters

    Check out Italian graphic designers Roberto Cigna posters about some of his favourite movies!

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  • DesignPhoto of Chart Topping Songs Posterised

    Chart Topping Songs Posterised

    In this excellent poster, Flowing Data statistician and visualiser Nathan Yau is charting the top Billboard’s top 100 songs from 1958 until 2014, and converting them into a series of pie charts – pie, line, bar, flow, you name it. While…

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  • DesignPhoto of Joey Roth Posters

    Joey Roth Posters

    Joey Roth is back with another poster, this time he visualises the two states of being Well-Rounded and Obsessed. SThe poster comes in 11″x17″, with a 1/2″ margin for framing, letterpress printed on 32# Lettra stock. Also check out his…

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  • DesignPhoto of Literary Posters That Turn Famous Authors’ Words Into Art

    Literary Posters That Turn Famous Authors’ Words Into Art

    Obvious State’s Evan Robertson is back with a new series of minimalist posters. “If you’ve ever underlined a sentence in a book, or highlighted a passage on your reader, you created a hyperlink of sorts that may open up a new window…

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  • DesignPhoto of Truth and Lies Posters

    Truth and Lies Posters

    The poster series Truth and Lies by Atlanta-based graphic designer Justin Barber pokes fun at some of the little lies we tell each other every single days. Six of these great posters are now available as prints and canvases through My Modern Shop.

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  • ArtPhoto of Breaking Bad Posters

    Breaking Bad Posters

    With anticipation bordering on manic, Breaking Bad recently ended its five season run to critical acclaim and fan adulation. It was a fitting end to one of television’s greatest shows, a glorious culmination of plot and story and a cathartic goodbye…

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  • ArtPhoto of Minimal Movie Posters

    Minimal Movie Posters

    Olaf Cuadras used his exceptional graphic design and illustrative skill to create the comical series of posters called Minimal Movie Posters. This tremendous series of posters brings a playful air to a few of our favourite movies such as Terminator 2, The…

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  • DesignPhoto of Scientist Posters

    Scientist Posters

    In celebration of Science Day in India, designer Kapil Bhagat created this Scientist poster series.

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