Moodboard Templates


Do you want to make your own moodboards? It can be pretty tedious trying to create a moodboard in Photoshop, so we’ve created 8 moodboard templates in Photoshop and Sketch format for you + a tutorial on how to use them.

You don’t need to be a graphic designer like me to implement moodboards into your work process. Photographers, artists, wedding planner and other types of creative entrepreneurs can benefit from moodboarding! A photographer may decide to start creating moodboards of the types of wedding photos his clients want. Then, he can keep the moodboard on his phone while he’s shooting. It keeps him on track to pleasing his clients! A wedding planner may create moodboards of decor to show to her clients.  A painter may create moodboards of the color schemes she wants for each of her paintings.

Get your set of 8 different moodboard templates, that are super easy to customize with either Photoshop or Sketch.

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