Popular Gambling Themed Artworks that all Art Lovers Should Know About

The different emotional states that come to the fore while winning and losing at gambling tables have appealed to and inspired great artists over the centuries. Below, we will tell you about some well-known gambling and casino themed artworks which all the art lovers should know about.

Cassius M Coolidge’s ‘Dogs Playing Poker’

Titled ‘Poker Game’ and featuring different Dogs Playing Poker, this one was created by Cassius M Coolidge back in the 19th century. If you delve deeper you will find that it’s a collection of 18 different paintings, put together to result in one big image.

Although many people considered dogs playing poker as something tasteless and crafty, the value of this work appreciated considerably over the decades. In 2015, this painting sold for over $ 650,000 at a New York auction. Looking at the other works of Cassius M Coolidge, the artist was widely recognised for works featuring dogs involved in various types of humanlike activities.

Gerard Boersma’s Slot Machines and Gambling Ladies

An artist of Dutch origin, Gerard Boersma created a painting called ‘Slot Machines’ after his return from Las Vegas. He described the Sin City as a place completely focused on entertainment. However, as against his description, the artwork he created focused on just one subject – a gambler completely lost in the slot machines, with many casino chairs around him. The symbols on the slot machine fade out because of the glare from the lights, moving the painting beyond the realm of reality.

‘Gambling Ladies’ on the other hand belongs to the same series, but is a more vibrant work, again inspired from Las Vegas. The painting shows a couple of female friends who are having an excellent time playing a slot machine, inside the lobby of a casino. Slots look far better defined in this painting, as neon glow brings a youthful glow on the women’s faces.

Darren Thompson’s Watchful Eye Series

An American illustrator, Darren Thompson has gained widespread popularity in the art world only over the past decade. He hails from Chicago and many of his oil paintings take inspiration from the Windy city. ‘Red and Black,’ one of his popular works is to do with a roulette wheel. You can see Darren making frequent use of muted and subdued colours, thereby driving people’s attention to the foreground, with gamblers hanging back in the background like shadows.

His another painting titled ‘Watchful Eye’ belonging to the same series of work, shows a dealer doing his job at a casino card game table. Once again, Darren employs the same technique and blurs the chips, with dealer heavily focused on the gambling action. However, the title of the painting is more about black-clad men hanging in the background, whose eyes are fixed on the dealer!

These are some examples of well-known casino artworks which should adorn the walls of every gambling enthusiast! Who knows, they might bring you luck and deliver huge returns on your investment!

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