• Photo of DIY Facemask

    DIY Facemask

    Face shields are typically made with multiple parts and are difficult to create and assemble at home. But Tokujin Yoshioka’s brilliant idea simplifies the design greatly, allowing it to be held in place with ordinary eyewear. Find out more here.

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  • Photo of Kodak Instant Smartphone Photo Printer

    Kodak Instant Smartphone Photo Printer

    Extend the functionality of your smartphone with the Kodak Instant Smartphone Photo Printer. Connecting to your device, this printer produces stunning 4×6-inch format pictures. In addition to beautiful full-color, the Kodak Smartphone Printer also offers stunning black and white. The Kodak Smartphone…

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  • Photo of Grid Game – Made For Designers

    Grid Game – Made For Designers

    The Grid Game combines classic gaming, mathematics, and design inspiration from Dieter Rams. The game takes inspiration from Dominoes, where both have simple rules, universal familiarity, and use of math as its base. Find out more.

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  • Photo of Travel Tripod by Peak Design

    Travel Tripod by Peak Design

    Peak Design is back with another piece of gear that photographers can lust over: the Travel Tripod. The Kickstarter is already funded with $3.5 million, so you’d definitely get this in your hand if you are willing to back it! This Travel…

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  • Photo of Minaal Rolltop

    Minaal Rolltop

    Cool new addition to the Minaal line up of bags. The Rolltop is a compact grab and go bag for all your daily essentials. If you need to stay mobile, streamlined, and ready to move at a moment’s notice, then this bag…

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  • Photo of 3D Printed e-Motorcycle

    3D Printed e-Motorcycle

    This is crazy! Here’s the world’s first fully 3D-printed e-motorcycle – the NERA – an aggressively-styled prototype showcasing what’s possible with large-scale 3D printers. Equipped with a fully-electric engine, airless tires, forkless steering, and an array of embedded sensors, the design…

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  • Photo of fllo Laptop Bag

    fllo Laptop Bag

    The modern 21st-century workplace: hot desking, open-planned offices, location-independent digital nomads – what’s next? Your workspace tools should evolve as your office does. That’s why a small team of designers turned the classic laptop bag into one that gives you…

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  • Photo of The Lightest Wheelchair

    The Lightest Wheelchair

    The Superstar wheelchair aims to offer the most innovative wheelchair to date by using space-age materials, cutting edge development technology and a new approach to bio-mechanics with its direct drive and biomechanical assessment. The Superstar team are industry pioneers, making…

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  • Photo of Fiberglass Travel Trailer

    Fiberglass Travel Trailer

    There are endless options if you are in the market for a recreational vehicles. Airstream has always been one of the most the most recognizable, because of their iconic silver bullet designs. Now they hit the market with a fiberglass travel trailer…

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  • Photo of Plano Timekeeper

    Plano Timekeeper

    The SQ38 Plano is an elegant contemporary timepiece with one foot in minimalist modernity and the other firmly rooted in traditional wristwatch aesthetics. It features an oversized 36mm pane of glass made from hardened mineral, covering almost the entire front of…

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  • Photo of Seating for Public Spaces Reimagined

    Seating for Public Spaces Reimagined

    The seating in waiting rooms, lobbies, and airports never seems to change, resulting in outdated and uncomfortable places to sit for undetermined lengths of time. New York City-based designer Brad Ascalon aims to rectify that with a modular seating system called Ascent for Swedish…

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