Guide to Creating a Minimalist Bathroom

Achieving a minimalist look in your bathroom is possible; you just have to learn how to de-clutter the space. If you find yourself surrounded by clutter every time you go into the bathroom, you should think about giving it a modern look and feel by organizing it. Minimalism has to do with getting rid of excess furniture and keeping your surfaces clean and simple.

You can turn your bathroom into a minimalist space by doing the following:

Pare the Décor Down

No matter how much you love decorative seashells, they have to go if you are aiming for a minimalistic look in your bathroom from bellabathrooms. The goal is to end up with a clean and simple white space that does not have any redundant décor. Because bathrooms are the smallest rooms in most homes, adding too many decorations just makes them look cluttered. If you must decorate, make sure that you pick two decorative items that you love and will not crowd the space.

Get Rid of Most Products

You do not need six bottles of lotion no matter how dry your skin is. You should also get rid of any makeup that you rarely use. For a truly minimalist look, you need to have one of everything: toothbrush, lotion, and shampoo. This does not mean ruining your beauty regimen; it just means that you are getting rid of all the excessive clutter. Use dedicated bathroom accessories, like a toothbrush holder for an Instagram worthy, pared down look.

Opt for All-White Color Schemes

You should paint your bathroom walls a creamy-ivory hue and opt for a white shower curtain. After all, nothing completes a minimalistic look like a clean white surface. You want the room to look pristine and white or off-white colors will help you to achieve this look. However, you will have to be very careful to avoid dirtying up your walls.

Invest in Glass Jars

If you do not want to scatter your items all over the sink and medicine cabinet, you need to invest in a few glass jars. Your bathroom should be clutter free even in areas that are not visible from the doorway. A few glass jars will help you to organize your bathroom and give you the look that you want.

Keep it Clean

You need to resist the urge to toss clothes and towels on the floor when you are getting into the shower. You should also take a few minutes to wipe down all the dirty surfaces and counters to keep the space looking neat.

Maximize Storage    

When creating the mood that you want for your bathroom, you should focus on tubs because they can be the focus and draw the eye. You can also maximize storage by creating a bookshelf or cabinet above the tub, making it easier to grab a towel while still in the tub.

If you, for example, live in Sydney you should call in your local plumber from Sydney, because even though installing the storage unit yourself might seem more cost effective, you definitely want to avoid hitting any water pipes during the installation.

Benefits of Minimalist Bathrooms

When you commit to making your bathroom a minimalist space, you will enjoy the following benefits:

Less cleaning – you will not have to deep clean your bathroom every time you have visitors because there will be fewer things to clean. Moreover, in a sparse environment, you will have more incentive to maintain cleanliness.

You will feel organized – you cannot undervalue the power of organizing your space. Walking into a clean and organized bathroom will give you a much-needed boost every morning.

The above tips will help you to transform a cluttered room into a neat and tidy one. A minimalist bathroom will make you feel at peace every time you walk into it.

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