‘Lucha Libre’ Beer Bottle Labels by José Guízar

Lucha Libre is one of the most iconic symbols of Mexican popular culture, and has been exported as part of the country’s identity. Mexican graphic designer, José Guízar, made these awesome beer bottle labels spot on with the concept.

'Lucha Libre' Beer Labels by José Guízar

I created the concept, brand, and designed the identity and packaging for this premium Mexican craft beer.
The brand’s identity is inspired by the golden era of lucha in the 1950’s, when movie heroes were not Superman or the X Men, but El Santo and his wingmen, fighting creepy monsters on a silver ’52 Alfa Romeo with surf music in the background.

'Lucha Libre' Beer Labels by José Guízar

The variety of styles are named after fictional characters also inspired by the 50’s lucha style; Black King (Imperial Stout), Blond Gomez (Lager) and The Vampire’s Son (Red Ale).

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