7 Tips when Decorating with Accessories

Redecorating your home’s interior can be a daunting project. However, this can be easily remedied by using a few sound interior decoration principles. Accessories are one of the easiest ways to spruce up any room, but a lot of people go about accessorizing without a plan. Here are a few things people need to consider when decorating.

Quality Over Quantity

One of the biggest mistakes people can make when decorating a home is going cheap. While you don’t want to break the bank, quality is essential every time if you want to get the best results. In addition, quality items tend to be more durable. Another easily avoidable mistake is piling up accessories. Minimalism is still a major trend and letting your room breathe will go a long way. Try to stick to a few quality pieces or one big accent piece instead of a thousand of little knickknacks.

When you choose accessories, make sure to take the proportions into consideration as well. Disproportionate items can make a room look small. You don’t want to choose items that are too small either. A rug too small, as beautiful as it is, will look lost in a large room. Make sure you understand scale and proportion before you pick pieces for any room.

Choose Colors Last

It is a reflex amongst most new homeowners to start by painting the walls first. The rationale behind this is simple and understandable. Most people want to apply a coat of fresh paint as soon as they move in. But, there are so many nuances when it comes to shades and colors that you’d be better off buying your main furniture first before you pick a color. Finding a color to match your furniture will be easier than choosing furniture that will match with the color you end up choosing.

Learn How to Hang Artwork

Many people are simply unaware of the rules when it comes to hanging paintings. Did you know that museums hang pictures according to a certain preset ratio? Yes, most museums will hang artwork so that the centerline is between 57” and 60” from the floor. This can vary if you’re hanging artwork in a room with very high ceilings. If that’s the case, you can hang art pieces a little higher. One of the easiest ways to tell if everything is placed correctly is to take a picture of the whole room. Sometimes, pictures can reveal some things the naked eye can’t see and can really give you a better impression of the room and how it really looks.

Learn How to Arrange Furniture on Rugs

A rug can be a beautiful piece than can accentuate any room, when used correctly. However, there are some rules to follow when decorating using a rug. There are usually three methods when using a rug. One method is to use a rug that is large enough to hold all the furniture. This is great if you want to create a luxurious look. It goes without saying that this is only achievable if you have a large room. A good rule of thumb would be to leave between 12 to 18 inches of free space on either side of the rug.

If you want to place a rug in a small room, the best method is to make sure that all legs are off. However, don’t make the mistake of using a tiny rug, or it might look like an afterthought. Choose a rug that is big enough to touch every piece of furniture in the room.

Another method is to place the rug in the middle, add a centerpiece, and make sure that only the front legs of the surrounding furniture touches it. This is a great alternative if your room is smaller and you can’t afford to use a large rug. With this method, you don’t need as much free space either, just a few inches at each end of the rug is fine. This is especially great for living rooms.

Don’t Go Crazy with the Themes

Another big mistake people make when choosing a room is going too far with the themes. A room that relies too heavily on themes, or is too obvious, may end up being tacky. Take the Cape Cod look, for instance. Someone might be tempted to go all out with the nautical color, sailing pictures, headboard, white furniture, etc. But by sticking strictly to a theme, the room might end up looking unoriginal.

Make Sure the Room as a Clear Focal

Creating a focal point is one of the most essential principles of good interior design. In any piece or play, there is a central character, and the same holds true of focal points. Your focal point should be the star of the room and will dictate everything from color to accessories. Every other item should only play a second role to your main piece. This can be anything from a great looking headboard in a bedroom, a nice hood in your kitchen or a dramatic art piece. Whatever it is, make sure that it demands attention.

Don’t Be Afraid to Let Some Things Go

Most people create a sentimental bond with objects and that’s perfectly fine. It may be because the item holds sentimental value to us or simply because we’ve had it for so long. However, sometimes, collectibles and other objects can really clash with a room, either because they don’t match with a general theme or with current trends. While you may not be crazy about trends, they dictate what is sold in furniture stores.

Sometimes, it can be something as simple as an old ceiling fan that looks out of place. An old wooden ceiling fan may completely ruin the look of a postmodern kitchen. You’d be better off getting rid of it and going for a more modern piece. You can find great modern fans at Lighting Expo for instance, if you’re looking for a more current look.


Redecorating a house doesn’t have to be a nightmare. If you follow some of the tips in this article, you should be able to achieve the perfect look in no time. Remember to pick colors for your walls last, don’t skimp on quality, don’t go overboard with themes, and keep things simple.

Lucy Parks has been working in the fashion industry for six years. A dedicated follower of all things fashion and beauty, she is passionate about new industry developments. Lucy is now a full time freelance fashion writer.

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