Bondi Wave House

Meet the Wave House! Designed by architect Tony Owen, it tries to capture the spirit of Australia most famous beach, Bondi, in a home which is both a beach house and a stylish urban dwelling.


Besides the extensive use of glass throughout the house, the soft lines of a surf board or the curl of a wave are its defining feature. The line of the wave is the unifying element which runs all the way through the house.


The wave re-emerges in the kitchen in the form of a single poured cantilevered concrete island bench.


The ceiling curves overhead at the main stair in the centre where the lower and upper levels fold into one another.


Tony Owen says: “This house is all about the experience of space. The sensation of space should be tangible and should enhance the lived experience. You should feel it and touch it.”

The house is located just one street away from one of the most well-known beaches in the world. It’s hard to believe if you see these photos, but I lived in Bondi for 5 years and even though I walked past it every now and then, only when I read about it I started noticing it.

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