Australia’s Growing Gaming Industry

Australia is one of the world’s greatest gaming hotspots with an incredible range of exciting options for the modern gamer. Traditionally, if you mentioned gaming, people pictured teenage boys with nothing much to do with their time. According to Interactive Games and Entertainment, however, the Australia gaming scene has grown exponentially, and over 78% of the country’s gamers are above 18 years.

Today, pokies machines, as well as other forms of electronic gambling, are easily accessed almost in every recreation outlet in major cities and towns but even more so on online platforms. The gaming world has had an enduring presence in Australia, and as we enter a new decade, the entire industry promises to take on new dimensions.

What Makes Australia A Hub For Gamers

Other than the big screen gaming facilities, the world-class casinos, great incentives offered by online platforms, and so much more, Australia has a very progressive culture that is very receptive to current trends and innovations.

From Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide, Perth to Canberra, 80% of adults venture into land-based casinos or online gambling sites as part of their pastime activity. Aussie gamers record the highest rate of gambling in the contemporary world. The most popular avenues include casino games, lotteries, horse and dog races, and bets on all sporting events and pokies, which encompasses video poker and slot machines.

In the current gaming industry, big investors strive to get their market share from the multi-billion dollar market base. Australia wasn’t always a gamer’s hub. It all took the collaboration of different influencers to set up a conducive environment for the development of the gaming industry. 

Other enabling factors include the lenient laws implemented by the government and a population that is very receptive to upcoming digital trends. Australia is a country and a continent by itself surrounded by the Indian and south pacific ocean. This makes it a strategic tourist destination, and millions of visitors looking to unwind from their demanding work life end up spending a considerable amount of time visiting the different gaming outlets day or night.

The Covid-19 Impact Is Still Felt

Australia has some of the most iconic entertainment centers in the world. The good thing about the local landscape is that full-service casinos and gaming outlets are spread out across the country, thus improving accessibility of such facilities. Where the full-scale facilities are limited, you will find hundreds of small outlets with many pokies slot machines but it’s the casino resorts that are at the center of the Australian gaming industry. 

Victoria and Queensland are both known for hosting some of the best land-based casinos in Australia. The largest casino group, the Crown Resort, as well as other Syndicate online casino in Australia, are still impacted by the COVID-19lockdown that started earlier this year and still prevents the resorts from returning to their full capacity. The most reputable casinos in Melbourne, Sydney, and Queensland have an international reputation of being among the best in the world. They feature over a hundred thousand square feet of gaming space and come with all the secondary features that guarantee ultimate relaxation. This includes spa facilities, fancy restaurants, VIP guest rooms, exquisite bars, gymnasiums, movie theaters, conference lounge, and so much more!

Author: Loyd Pelto, Professional writer, freelancer.  

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