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  • Photo of Top 3 Ways to Improve Mobile Restaurant Ordering Experience

    Top 3 Ways to Improve Mobile Restaurant Ordering Experience

    Ordering food from a restaurant through your mobile phone is one of the most popular ways to order food. Not only does it cut out the need for a middle man, but it makes life a little easier.  Yet, life…

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  • Photo of Buttondown – Minimal Email Newsletter Service

    Buttondown – Minimal Email Newsletter Service

    Buttondown sets out to simplify a common marketing task for many comanies: it should be easy to send great emails.  It supports markdown, image uploads, link checking, and more all out of the box. Buttondown’s focus is on ease of use…

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  • Photo of Dawn – the minimal calendar to organize everything

    Dawn – the minimal calendar to organize everything

    There’s many calendars available on your iOS devices, but none quite like Dawn. The app lets you organise yourself effortlessly and gives you some interesting unique features to focus on your objectives. Pinpoint your busy days with heatmaps and day…

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  • Photo of Squarespace Redesign Concept

    Squarespace Redesign Concept

    It’s not a new project, but I love this art direction project shared by Peter Bagi on his Behance profile. There’s much more to love and I feel that they achieves something extraordinary with less imagery and much more typography. The project was…

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  • Photo of Data Visualization Examples

    Data Visualization Examples

    Data visualization means telling a story that data represents by presenting it in a visual context. You can read more about data visualization on this link here. An example is if a business owner’s task is to gather data from different…

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  • Photo of Minimal Calendar

    Minimal Calendar

    A fresh minimal take on the classic calendar app – Minimal Calendar has bold design, elegant typography and simple features. The focus on the basics was done in a smart and straightforward way, so it’s definitely one of the most interesting apps we’ve used in…

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  • Photo of Vanilla hides the menu bar icons on your Mac

    Vanilla hides the menu bar icons on your Mac

    Vanilla is one of those rare third party utilities that is so simple yet useful that you’ll wonder why it isn’t included as a feature in macOS. If you are looking to hide your menu bar icons, check out Vanilla.…

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  • Photo of Subform UI Design Tool

    Subform UI Design Tool

    Subform is CAD-inspired design tool for Mac and Windows, focused on the unique constraints of user interface design. And it’s now available on Kickstarter. In a nutshell, Subform empowers designers to create responsive layouts, enforce consistent styles, build stateful components, and…

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  • Photo of Herman Miller Redesign Concept

    Herman Miller Redesign Concept

    This Herman Miller redesign concept provides a highly immersive experience to the user from beginning to end by use of big imagery, quality content, bold typography, clean navigation and slick interactions. This direction could help evolve their eCommerce experience in…

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  • Photo of Logitech Redesign Concept

    Logitech Redesign Concept

    Fatih Ocak is a UI & UX Designer from Turkey and he used some spare time to reimagine the Logitech website with a focus on simplicity and and typography.

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  • Photo of Adobe Showcase Website

    Adobe Showcase Website

    Serge Vasil shared a super cool project on his Behance profile, it was a responsive website project he did for Adobe and the best thing about it is that you can download the PSD for some reverse engineering. There are…

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