Julian Kyhl’s award-winning table is a work of precise and refined carpentry that clearly communicates his affection for sustainable design. The Timber is adaptable, disassembling to a package that is easily transported, making it a piece of furniture so versatile you can take it anywhere.

Be sure to check out the video below illustrating just how easy it is to put together!


Constructed from just 10 pieces of FSC certified maple or oak, and using no screws, nails or glue, Timber is a lesson in restrained elegance.


Smart design and precision carpentry mean that each piece slots together perfectly.


Available in beautiful Canadian white oak, black smoked oak or a contrasting mix of Canadian maple and smoked oak.


On the subject, Julian says it’s hard to say exactly where the idea came from… I wanted to make a table that was beautiful but also based on a beautiful principle, made from solid wood parts and with no kind of adhesives, screws etc.


Julian Kyhl is an educated carpenter and is currently studying Design and Innovation at the Danish Technical University. Julian strives to design beautiful, intuitive and functional things that will last a lifetime or more.


L: 2meters
H: 72cm


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