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Theseus ~ Bamboo Table Tennis Table

Theseus ~ Bamboo Table Tennis Table

What a stunning design for a table tennis table by Eleven Ravens. Love the dark trim against the curved bamboo base. Great to see table tennis table design being experimented with, like the futuristic Waldner we featured a while back.

Founded in 2011, Eleven Ravens, LLC is the premier design and manufacturing company for custom-made table tennis tables in the United States. Eleven Ravens’ use of ultra sophisticated design, as well as its ability to incorporate popular brand images or corporate logos into the base of our table structure, produces a handmade product created by our skilled artisans that is in a class of its own.

Theseus ~ Bamboo Table Tennis Table

Bernard Semerdjian, an internationally celebrated graphic designer, serves as the head of the Creative Design Dept. for Eleven Ravens, LLC and is the primary designer for Eleven Ravens’ unique and innovative tables. Specializing in Interactive Digital Interface Design and 3D Imaging, Mr. Semerdjian has been a dedicated table tennis player for the past five years. His love of the game, coupled with his extraordinary gifts as a celebrated designer, has produced table tennis designs unlike anything ever seen before in this field. Mr. Semerdjian is one of the founding members of Eleven Ravens, LLC.

Theseus ~ Bamboo Table Tennis Table

We take great pride in our original designs and the extreme care that goes into the construction of our tables. Each element is carefully hand crafted, sanded, polished and fitted by our skilled artisans. Our table construction takes place in a highly regulated moisture-controlled environment using wood materials that are maintained at an optimum 8-15% moisture level thus ensuring the highest quality product possible.

A pity we don’t have actual photos of the product but see more imagery over at the Eleven Ravens website.


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