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Nihon Typeface

The Nihon type family builds the bridge between the western and the eastern typography and allows you to write and read in latin letters with an Japanese appearance. All latin letters were abstracted and completely…

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Lombok Typeface

A very interesting realization of a typeface and his specimen by Alexandre Pietra out of Montreux, Switzerland. He subsequently created a logo for an electronic festival and several posters from this.

Atelier Playing Cards

Do you really need minimal playing cards? Well, next time your friend hits his straight on the river, you can’t be too sad if you’re looking at these beautiful cards. In best Jonny Ive fashion, the…

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Comic Neue

Relax! We all know about designer’s distaste of Comic Sans – the world’s most misused typeface… We really like the following idea though. Take on this horrible typeface and beat the letters into shape so that designers can…

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C.24 Miselu

Creative agency Character created an elegantly futuristic product identity for Miselu’s C.24 – a two octave iPad keyboard, which connects via wireless Bluetooth Low Energy. The typeface is definitely the standout feature in the branding; easily readable…

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Royalty-free vector icons, glyphs and symbols based on the Helvetica Bold typeface.