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Miles Davis’s Career Visualized

In this gorgeous visualization, the prolific body of work left behind by jazz great Miles Davis is visualized by the lives of the artists he touched. Created by Fathom — the information-visualization firm co-founded by Processing inventor Ben Fry —…

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Obscura Magazine

Hong Kong-based Obscura Magazine released their The 2014 Autumn & Winter edition. The main features are the two cities Hong Kong and Berlin. From a stroll through the two historically rich and populated cities, the authors pick up on the uniqueness of different…

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Film The Blanks

Can you recognize the Jurassic Park poster without a dinosaur? Film the Blanks is an experiment by designer John Taylor that abstracts famous film posters down to their core elements, while stripping away elements that…

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Chart Topping Songs Posterised

In this excellent poster, Flowing Data statistician and visualiser Nathan Yau is charting the top Billboard’s top 100 songs from 1958 until 2014, and converting them into a series of pie charts – pie, line, bar,…

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Calgary Farmer’s Market

These well executed ads for Calgary Farmer’s Market made me smile. Love the idea – so simple! Made by WAX Partnership, Canada.

Joey Roth Posters

Joey Roth is back with another poster, this time he visualises the two states of being Well-Rounded and Obsessed. SThe poster comes in 11″x17″, with a 1/2″ margin for framing, letterpress printed on 32# Lettra…

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Lombok Typeface

A very interesting realization of a typeface and his specimen by Alexandre Pietra out of Montreux, Switzerland. He subsequently created a logo for an electronic festival and several posters from this.

Minimalist World Cup Artwork

The World Cup in Brazil is anything but minimal: Millions of people, extravagant samba dancer, loud drumming and much more make this a rather complex spectacle to pull off. But there’s always something minimal hidden…

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Truth and Lies Posters

The poster series Truth and Lies by Atlanta-based graphic designer Justin Barber pokes fun at some of the little lies we tell each other every single days. Six of these great posters are now available as prints and…

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Ostecx Créative

Ostecx Créative is a design company from Poland with a taste for minimalism which is clearly expressed in their business cards, brochures, and stationery. Muted tones, uncluttered spacing, and a simple typography – undeniably minimalist. Our…

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