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Designer’s Grill 2.0

If you have ever used a portable grill, you know that it’s not always the easiest walk in the park. They bend out of shape, rust or become so encrusted in barbecue sauce in the…

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K Residence

Z-AXIS DESIGN renovated this 122 square meter (~1313 square foot) apartment in Taichung, Taiwan. The design involved a new layout and a simple, refreshing scheme that involved white paint, dark wood, and grey concrete walls. The clean palette creates…

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Little Nest

Little Nest is exactly what it sounds like – a comforting, cozy, nest-like cradle for babies. Inspired by a baby’s experience in the womb, the cradle is suspended and reacts gently to every move or wiggle…

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Elma Portable Floor Lamp

Exploring the idea of mobile lamps, designer Tommaso Caldera created ELMA, an indirect floor lamp produced by Incipit. The lamp, which resembles one of those spotlight floor lamps, is composed of two elements that vary in both shape and…

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11+ House Aroma Diffuser

11+ House Aroma Diffuser is a minimalist design created by Seattle-based design firm cloudandco. The diffuser is powered by USB, which can be plugged directly into a laptop or USB outlet. The signature orange wire extends from…

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Beautiful interior in this Barcelona house designed by H Arquitectes. Each one of the rooms was individually treated yet carefully connected with the next one, clearly identifying the specific use of each space being all, at…

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Portable Sofa

The Lamzac Hangout is a portable inflatable sofa. Its unique mouth and inner pouch lets you fill it with air in a few seconds. It has a waterproof nylon ripstop outer layer, measures 6.5’x 3′ when inflated and…

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Golden Section Finder

The Golden Section, also known as the Golden Ratio, is a certain mathematical ratio that’s often found in design and prevalent in nature. Parsons & Charlesworth, a Chicago-based design studio, asked the question, “Is proportional…

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Letterpress At Home

Get everything you need all at once and start off your letterpress projects like a total pro! Kit Includes: Letterpress machine, letterpress platform, printing plates, paper and ink guide strips, letterpress paper cards, lettra letterpress paper – 8.5in x…

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Tool Pen

Offered in 16 or 18 interchangeable bit piece sets, the mininch tool pen comes carrying design credentials, winning the 2013 iF product design award and 2012 Red Dot design concept award. I’m in love with it – get your own tool pen here!

Wood Rails

These finished oak rails use magnets to hold the top and bottom of any vertical Engineer Print or large poster. Simply hang the rails from their waxed cotton string. Get them from here!