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The Nordic Food Truck

The Nordic is a visual identity created for a scandinavian Food Truck. The food consists only of salty and sweet smørrebrøds (open sandwiches).The design and the colors direct result of Nordic design. A simple, clean, and…

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Leitaria Lisboa

Leitaria Lisboa (Creamery of Lisbon) is a fresh and nostalgic venue that returns to the gold days of Portuguese Creameries right in the heart of the city. The creamery itself aspires to recreate and deliver the quality…

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Expoform is a Norwegian real estate company which develops high end living spaces. They renovate properties and convert them into chic homes. Their main quality is the attention to detail and passion for their work. More…

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Martin Grohs Identity

Martin Grohs is a designer, digital artist and illustrator from Leipzig, Germany. Here’s some excerpts of his compelling branding work for himself. More images and information available here:

Danh Hien Jewelers

Danh Hien Jewelers is a Vietnamese jeweler specializing in handmade diamond jewelry. Bratus was tasked to develop a new logo and brand identity to balance out the aspects of luxury and modernity with tradition and attention to…

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One Korea

Korea is the last remaining country in the world to have barbed-wire fence in between same ethnicity. Imaging a time in the future where Korea is reunited, three designers, Junghoon Lee, Dongkyu DK Lee & Deukgyu…

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MIT Media Lab Identity

The MIT Media Lab moves fast. From shapeshifting displays to technology that could 3-D print Eames chairs and self-lacing McFlys, the Media Lab reinvents the way we think about the future every single day. Now…

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Norwegian Banknotes

As designer we love freedom, but it’s best to design with constraints. Some jobs however seem too constraint. One of these I always imagined to be is designing banknotes. It really seems daunting to create a new…

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