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  • houseforinstallation01


    House for Installation

    House for Installation is a renovated house located in Osaka (Japan), which is converted into a minimalist atelier and residence for artists. Simplicity, flexibility and elegant use...

  • batterybox01


    Battery Box

    You probably already have a backup batteries for your phone or tablet by now, but what’s your strategy when your Macbook battery runs low? BatteryBox...

  • wavehouse-01


    Bondi Wave House

    Meet the Wave House! Designed by architect Tony Owen, it tries to capture the spirit of Australia most famous beach, Bondi, in a home which is both...

  • minimal-worldcup01


    Minimalist World Cup Artwork

    The World Cup in Brazil is anything but minimal: Millions of people, extravagant samba dancer, loud drumming and much more make this a rather complex...

  • reporter00



    As minimalist, we have inherent interest in tracking our behaviour. And there’s a myriad of tracking apps that prove that there’s market demand. Track which websites you...

  • fine-tuner


    Fine Tuner

    Fine Tuner is a minimalistic guitar tuner with a focus on simplicity and functionality. It utilizes the built-in microphone to determine the frequency of a...

  • explora


    Explora Phones

    Great news for anyone visiting the United States this year. I was waiting for a service like this for a long time… Book your trip to...

  • mujjo-lowkey


    Mujjo Low Key Sleeves

    I’m not sure if the Netherlands-based company Mujjo knows that anything in stylish plain black leather is bound to catch my attention. When I checked my mailbox...

  • culturecards01


    Culture Cards

    Vietnam gave us Sriracha, phở soup, and the infamous Flappy Bird game. What better way to celebrate these accomplishments than through beautifully designed playing cards?...

  • acaia01


    Minimalist Coffee Brewing Scale

    Fresh roasted beans, a nice dripper and fine-tuned grinder are great, but serious coffee drinkers know that using a scale rather than measured scoops is...