Desktop Stool

Japanese studio Moku Woodware created the Desktop Stool – a laptop stand that frees desk space allows you to have a better posture while working. The Desktop Stool comes in two beautiful finishes, white basswood and brown walnut. Available for purchase here.

5 Principles of Minimalist Home Design

Minimal home design is extremely popular today, with both designers and homeowners opting to take this approach when they start creating an inviting and beautiful interior space. Whether you’re working with a traditional home in…

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Geometric Tiles DIY Kit

Conservatory of Craft, founded by Brandon Gore, who’s well-versed in concrete as the man behind Hard Goods and Gore Design Co., began as a way to make really cool products attainable to a wider audience. They’ve just released…

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Self Sustaining Glass Planter

Mygdal by Studio We Love Eames is a  self-sustaining ecosystem which mimics sunlight. It’s the perfect planter because plants can grow undisturbed for years without you having to water them and they can grow in places that get…

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Herman Miller Redesign Concept

This Herman Miller redesign concept provides a highly immersive experience to the user from beginning to end by use of big imagery, quality content, bold typography, clean navigation and slick interactions. This direction could help…

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IKEA Indoor Garden

IKEA – you’ve done it again. Here’s their take on the hydroponic indoor garden. The KRYDDA/VÄXER series lets you grow herbs & veggies on your windowsill, with the help of a few simple tools. Check the…

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OLED DeskTable Lamp

I like the look of this Aerelight A1 lamp a lot. Even better: It has Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLED) – the latest in energy efficient lighting (80% less energy than a traditional 60W bulb!) The lamp…

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Paper Screen Divider

Kakine means hedge in Japanese and this is an ingenious paper screen created by Japanese designer Yasutoshi Mifune. You can easily change its shape and size depending on how you assemble the modular pieces of paper.

Puritaan Backpack

The Puritaan backpack isn’t really my personal style, but this minimalist design created by Budapest-based designers Puritaan does something most companies can’t pull off. It combines digital technology with traditional craftsmanship to create an ultra-minimalist bag for the modern creative professional. Each…

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