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    Home & Office

    T2 Minimalistic Led Lamp

    If you are in the market for a functional and minimalistic desk lamp, then check out the Т2 Minimalistic Led Lamp. Hand made from qualitative environmentally friendly materials...

  • lumuphoto01


    Lumu Photo

    We’ve written about Lumu about a year ago when it first the market. So why write about it again? Glad you asked! First, the Lumu...

  • mitlab00


    MIT Media Lab Identity

    The MIT Media Lab moves fast. From shapeshifting displays to technology that could 3-D print Eames chairs and self-lacing McFlys, the Media Lab reinvents the...

  • norwegianbanknotes00


    Norwegian Banknotes

    As designer we love freedom, but it’s best to design with constraints. Some jobs however seem too constraint. One of these I always imagined to be...

  • parkinglotmovie


    The Parking Lot Movie

    The Parking Lot Movie is a documentary about a singular parking lot in Charlottesville, Virginia. What sounds like a boring storyline, is actually a brilliant...

  • monodraw

    Apps & Software


    Plain text has been around for decades and it’s here to stay. Mono draw is a software for Macs which allows you to easily create...

  • baronshave1

    Home & Office

    Baron Is The Last Razor You Will Ever Need

    Which man is not tired of paying $20 for a few shaving razors over and over again. That was the spark that two guys needed to start designing a...

  • flio01

    Home & Office

    FLIO Laptop Stand

    If you are on the move with your laptop often, then having a not so comfortable working environment is one of the biggest drawbacks. But...

  • bloom01

    Home & Office

    Bloom Blanket

    The Bloom Blanket, created by ex-Apple designer Bianca Chang Costanzo, is made of wool and cashmere and was inspired by origami and tessellations. The 3-D...

  • rekcoffeetable00

    Home & Office

    REK Coffee Table

    The REK is an extending coffee table by Reinier de Jong Design and is available in oak veneered, all-white and white with oak wood edges. Pictures and words don’t...