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  • mitlab00


    MIT Media Lab Identity

    The MIT Media Lab moves fast. From shapeshifting displays to technology that could 3-D print Eames chairs and self-lacing McFlys, the Media Lab reinvents the...

  • norwegianbanknotes00


    Norwegian Banknotes

    As designer we love freedom, but it’s best to design with constraints. Some jobs however seem too constraint. One of these I always imagined to be...

  • parkinglotmovie


    The Parking Lot Movie

    The Parking Lot Movie is a documentary about a singular parking lot in Charlottesville, Virginia. What sounds like a boring storyline, is actually a brilliant...

  • monodraw



    Plain text has been around for decades and it’s here to stay. Mono draw is a software for Macs which allows you to easily create...

  • rekcoffeetable00

    Home & Office

    REK Coffee Table

    The REK is an extending coffee table by Reinier de Jong Design and is available in oak veneered, all-white and white with oak wood edges. Pictures and words don’t...

  • ambio01

    Home & Office

    This Lamp Glows With Octopus Bacteria

    Bioluminescent waves are one of nature’s most extraordinary sights. Oxygen mixes with water, compounds inside aquatic bacteria begin to glow, and the ocean ignites with an...

  • odin00

    Home & Office

    The Odin

    Seattle-based designer  Michelle Moy loves dogs but grew tired of watching her dog, Odin, chew through and discard toy after toy. What seems natural these days, she took...

  • postitplus


    Post-it Plus

    Computers and Post-its have always had a weird synergy. Even Apple’s operating system has virtual Post-its built-in. Post-it’s latest iPhone app, Post-it Plus, is about...

  • spira-iphone-charger

    Home & Office

    Inductive iPhone Charger

    Interactive designer Alice Robbiani created a beautiful sculptural charger that turns an iPhone into a magnetic objet d’art. Spira uses inductive charging, which works a little...

  • squash-identity


    It’s a Logo?!

    This bunch of squiggly lines is the new logo of the Melbourn Squash Club. It looks like a little kid had a fun time with a black pen and a...