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Izola’s Engraved Stainless Steel Flasks

Izola’s Engraved Stainless Steel Flasks

The new stainless steel flasks from Izola are pretty much the manliest flasks we have ever seen. Engraved with a various quotes which are drinking related they will certainly aid in putting hair on your chest!


“I pity them greatly, but I must be mum, for how could we do without sugar and rum?”

-William Cowper


Izola’s stainless steel flasks are available in either five-ounces or three-ounces and are engraved with eight different boisterous expressions that fit the drinking theme.


As a time-honored accessory to men of all different cultures and social classes, the flask has proven itself to be a necessity of the times and we guarantee it’s a prime gift that fits any occasion. Salut!


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