London based knife gurus, Edge of Belgravia, designed this beautiful set of ceramic knives with an onyx finish.

At Edge of Belgravia we pioneer exclusively designed chef knives to achieve prominent placement in kitchens all over the world. Based in distinguished Belgravia, London, our cutting-edge design team work diligently to produce bold, confident, contemporary culinary works of art. Without compromise, we strive to achieve excellence in quality, design and composition.

Onyx Ceramic Knife Series by Edge of Belgravia

Ceramic blades are second to diamond in hardness, rendering our knives tireless kitchen companions. Made from zirconium oxide, Zr02, forged under 300 tons of pressure and a temperature of 1400˚C, our knives stay sharp for years without need for sharpening. Engineered to perfection for the discerning home chef, our ceramic range is lightweight and exceptionally sharp.

Onyx Ceramic Knife Series by Edge of Belgravia

“It is one of the best knives I have ever used; the blade is outstandingly sharp and is very easy to keep that way. It is also very comfortable and easy to use.” – Mark Farr, Executive Head Chef, Carlton Club, Mayfair, London

Onyx Ceramic Knife Series by Edge of Belgravia

“The knives have a good feel to them; nice sharp edges and lovely balance.” – Keith Goddard, Head Chef, 101 Pimlico Road, Belgravia, London

Ceramic Knife Series in Onyx by Edge of Belgravia

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