A New Journey



Nearly 500 posts later we thought it was time to give mmminimal a fresh lick of paint. We’re still ironing out a few kinks so please bare with us over the next couple days.

New Features

  • Mobile and tablet friendly design
  • Keyboard browsing between posts and archives
  • New Goods section
  • Bigger images and wider layout
  • Comments on posts
  • Improved social presence including Google Plus
  • Content submission (next few days)


We’ve dedicated a full section to super slick and mmminimal goods that’d we would buy and/or recommend.

Our WordPress Themes

We’re in the process of moving all the WordPress theme pages over to the new ThemeCobra site. Read more about the direction of ThemeCobra here.


We’d love to hear from you, please drop us your comments below, tweet us @mmminimal or email us on

Stay awesome,

Rob & Derek

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